Planning, Prepping, Packing

WOW! When we started out on this journey, we had no idea how much work would actually be involved in this undertaking. We had planned to spend two months in Utah visiting with friends and family, and just kicking back relaxing. HA! Joke’s on us. We have spent days upon days trying to navigate our way around the world. It has been basically a full time job where instead of making money, you are continually spending money.

Part of the whole planning process has centered around the fact that Randi is rather claustrophobic and the thought of being trapped in a plane for more than 6-8 hours is quite anxiety provoking for her. So we have built our trip around making sure this doesn’t happen. We are taking three cruises of various lengths to get from one side of the world to the other. Our first cruise has been quite challenging in and of itself.

Dubai to Singapore Itinerary

We are leaving from Dubai and ending 17 days later in Singapore. Part of the challenge of this part of our journey is that many of the ports of call are in countries that have laws against our very marriage. So we are taking loads of precautions to keep ourselves out of prison in one of these countries. We have also decided that if at any time we are off the ship and have any uneasy feelings or inkling of trouble we will just get right back onboard. Neither of us looks good in stripes or orange.

Visas! This has been another exasperating experience in our planning stages. Trying to find out which countries require visas ahead of time, how to get them, how much do they cost, and making sure you fill out the forms correctly. This process has been time consuming to say the least. Then just when you think you have them all done, one of the countries you are planning to visit implements a new requirement for Americans to obtain a visa to visit. Thanks, New Zealand!

What clothes do we really need? How many pairs of socks? Which shoes should we take, the ones that look good, or the ones that are comfortable? Is this all going to fit in our allotted space? How cool will be at the top of a mountain in Switzerland? Are we taking long underwear or just going to “suck it up buttercup?”

Hopefully, after we are on our way in about 10 days, we will be able to mostly relax and explore all the wonderful areas we have planned to go. We know that despite all the planning in the world, we can expect some surprises and predicaments. Fingers crossed, it will only be minor issues. We know how fortunate we are to have this opportunity to see the world and we will keep this in mind as we run into snags and not let them tarnish the good times!

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  1. Dress for comfort!!!! That’s number #1 by the way. And is especially true with shoes! Pack as little as possible. Pack to dress in layers with a common color theme. Whatever you forget, you can buy on the way. And remember, the chances of seeing anyone you meet in your travels later on in life is next to nil. And those you do meet and bond with, as on a cruise, they’re like you and dressing for comfort and convenience and won’t care less about your dress. But anxious to know more about you. Enjoy! Your cruises look fabulous!!! Can’t wait for you two to share with us all!

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