Leaving Canada, Ben & Jerry’s and Fall Foliage

Today we woke up to rain in Quebec. It wasn’t supposed to rain until this afternoon. Oh well!

Some trees in Quebec were changing, but not many. We drove along Lake Ontario and then crossed the border into Vermont.

Vermont welcomed us with beautiful foliage

Vermont is Margo’s 49th State to visit, Pennsylvania is the last one on her list. It won’t happen this trip, but soon.

The highlights of today are:

*Walking around and having brunch in Burlington, VT. Such a cute college town.

Playing leapfrog in the streets
The churches here were incredible
Definitely worth the wait!

*Stopping by Montpelier, Vermont…. the State Capitol.

Vermont’s State Capitol
Ignore the construction fencing. For some reason, every state capitol we have stopped at on this trip has been under construction.
You could see the glistening dome when as we were coming into town.
So pretty

*Visiting the Flavor Graveyard at Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury, Vermont. The epithets are hilarious

When you are visiting Vermont, put this on your “must see” list.
Since we aren’t buying souvenirs,
I’m taking pictures of the ones I would buy.

*Seeing the beautiful leaves along the way as we drove to Ashland, New Hampshire.

A river in Montpelier, VT
Montpelier, VT
Just around the river bend
A calm lake in NH

Margo finally starting to feel human again.


  1. How fun this is to journey with you. Thank you. Looking forward to each new day along your adventure. Keep good notes so you can write your book.


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