Alaska, Here We Come

June 8, 2019

Story time….. in 2017 my siblings started talking about going on an Alaskan cruise together. Randi wasn’t particularly excited, because when she cruises….she wants the weather to be warm and tropical. Alaska is neither warm or tropical.

That summer we had a few friends who were doing Alaskan cruises as well. (Ours wasn’t until September.) When our friends would post pictures, the conversation would go like this.

Randi: What’s wrong with this picture”?

Me: Nothing is wrong, look how beautiful it is.

Randi: Yes, there is….. they have coats on and it’s summertime.

Me: giggling and it will be just fine, maybe you’ll see a bear (trying to distract her)

You might be wondering why we are going back to Alaska again, since Randi really didn’t want to go in the first place. Well, she loved it!! So much so, that while cruising back home she said “how soon can we go back?”

What a better way to start off our traveling adventure on a cruise with two of Randi’s sisters.

The Norwegian Joy was the ship we were sailing on. Embarkation was quick and soon we were taking in the Seattle Skyline from the open deck.

Jason, Kari, Traci, Kevin, Margo & Randi

We were lucky and Seattle showed off her beauty underneath bright blue skies, while we sailed away.

As Kari and Jason had not been on a cruise before, it was fun to show them around and watch their reactions.

That evening we booked dinner at Teppanyaki. The cooks are so talented and the food delicious. The best part was when the wait staff came and sang, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” to Kari and Jason for their anniversary. We were amused… I don’t think they were.

Next stop: Ketchikan

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