The Astoria Column

June 7, 2019

Upon stopping at the visitor center in Astoria, a kind volunteer suggested that one of the “must sees” was the Astoria Column. We are so glad we followed up on her suggestion.

It was a nice drive up to the park where the column is located. The cost of $5.00 is well worth the price for the magnificent 360 degree views. The tower overlooks the mouth of the Columbia River on Coxcomb Hill in Astoria. Built in 1926, the 125 foot-tall column has a 164-step spiral staircase ascending to an observation deck at the top.

The detail in the artwork on the column, is something you will never forget. Honoring the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the people that sent them, this is a magnificent work of art. As you follow the diagonal lines up the column they tell a story. The views from the top of this hill are also spectacular, even of a overcast and foggy day like we encountered, you can see the Astoria Megler Bridge crossing the Columbia river to Washington and many of the areas of Astoria. 

Little did we know at the time, that this would be the first of many tower climbs we would do around the world.

We drove into Washington and stayed the night in a beautiful Airbnb home in Olympia.

Next stop…….Seattle for our Alaskan Cruise

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