Hello Again!

I know it’s been FOREVER since I have wrote on this blog. Life happened and is continuing to happen.

At first I had planned on writing on the blog, as often as possible, while we were off exploring the world. Writing doesn’t come easy to me and so I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, because I wanted it to be perfect.

I was worrying more about the “blog post” and taking and editing the “perfect picture” than I was enjoying the journey. One of the last things my mom said to me as we were leaving for our round-the-world adventure was to “enjoy the journey and don’t worry about things”. So for once, I took my mom’s advice. I took lots and lots of pictures, but I didn’t worry if they weren’t perfect……. just that they would jog my memory at a later date of the amazing adventure we had.

My next plan for writing about our experiences, was that I would start our 2019 adventures on the same date, just one year later. That way, our memories would pop up on Facebook, just one year late. Well that didn’t happen either.

Once we returned to Utah after our trip ended sooner than planned (thanks Corona) and while we were trying to figure out what our next plans were going to be:

  • my mom fell and broke her knee,
  • Randi’s mom took a turn for the worse,
  • my mom tore her meniscus in her other knee,
  • renovating the basement apartment where we were living
  • Randi’s mom received her angel wings,
  • finally hospitals were hiring again and Randi was able to get a job,
  • due to great interest rates our son decided to build, we had to move

we were busy caretaking and just dealing with various aspects of the pandemic. It was a tough, unpredictable year. We lost friends and loved ones from Covid, as I am sure everyone has.

All of that to say, my new goal is to now chronicle our adventures two years later. In between, I will also be including the present as well.

First warning: I’m wordy as I write, hopefully, as time goes on, I will find a rhythm that works without using so many words.

My main goal for journaling is to be able to reference back to all of our crazy, wild, unbelievable adventures…. when my memory fails me. I also hope that our kids and grandkids will someday read this and realize how we weren’t afraid to take risks to follow our dreams.

One more warning, there’s going to be quite a few pictures. They help us remember the individual memorable moments.

If you are still reading….. thanks for coming along.

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