We miss our home in Oregon

Two years ago today, 4-10-2019. our home in Medford Oregon was put on the market.

This Facebook Memory popped up today. In some ways, it’s hard to believe that it was just two years ago and in other ways, it feels like it’s been forever. So much has happened since then.

Our backyard in our home in Medford was our oasis.

It was a place to sit outside, read, and play games,

make pizzas,

play with the grandkids,

host easter egg parties (even though we are grownups),

visit with our family and friends,

roast marshmallows over the fire and so much more.

The fence was decorated with painted doors with fun souvenirs from our travels.

We have so many happy memories there.

Unfortunately, due to the wildfires that came every summer and fall, we were not able to utilize it as much as we would have like. Not being able to enjoy the outside during fire season was another reason why we chose to leave.

Have you ever had a hard time, saying goodbye to your house?

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